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Introducing faavorite

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Okay, I say ‘introducing’, but it’s been live for almost a month now!

Me and one of my bestest friends and most-talented-developers-ever Nick Payne have been working since the beginning of 2012 on my faavorite project to date: faavorite.

faavorite is, at its heart, a tool for managing your Twitter favorites. You can tag, search, discuss, consume, read, share (and a lot, lot more) yours and others’ Twitter favorites from right within the app. We’ve put your favorites to work big time.

We all know how favorites work; you see a funny tweet, something you want to read later, a great code tip or just something that made you smile, and you favorite it. Whilst the intention is good, how often do you head back to your favorites? Twitter don’t really do anything of use with them; you can’t search them, you can sort or categorise them, you can’t really do anything with them…

This is a problem Nick and I really seemed agreed on, and we both wanted to solve it. And, over a few months, that’s what we did, and what we’re still doing.

I aim to do at least one technical post about faavorite pretty soon detailing the mobile-first, OOCSS, designed-in-the-browser, no-IE7-support approach. I want to document the front-end architecture and a few new things in quite a lot of detail but with 101 things on at the moment that will have to wait.

For now I’d like to thank:

  • Nick, for just being superawesome. He’s worn many hats throughout this project, including—but not limited to—developer, DevOps, SysAdmin, hotelier, barista and a whole host more. You can read his impressive and mind-boggling technical writeup of the app at your own risk will.
  • Lucy, Nick’s girlfriend, for putting up with me seeing Nick more than she now gets to, and for cooking up some ace meals during our full-weekend coding sessions.
  • Bryan James, the guy who created the faavorite brand. It’s a thing of beauty, I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • You guys! The users, the people who’ve given feedback and suggestions and who’ve generally made the project worthwhile.

If you’ve not signed up already but use Twitter then I encourage you to give it a whirl; it’s free and, well, I think it’s pretty awesome:

Oh and one other thing; if you’re already in (and like) faavorite, please consider inviting your friends along. Content is better shared and the more the merrier. We really need to get some non-web-geeks in faavorite as soon as possible in order to diversify (and not seem like an app just for web dev types) so if you have any friends on Twitter who might be interested then please do send them our way! Happy faavoriting!


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