Having spoken at well over 50 public events, sharing my knowledge with development and product teams is something I am both very experienced with and hugely passionate about. If you’re running an event would like me to speak, I have prepared some information for you.

As well as speaking at development conferences, I can (and indeed do) speak at private engagements for companies and their staff. If you are a company who would like a tech talk to be delivered on-site to a private audience, please do get in touch.

If you feel like you’d like something a little more involved and in-depth, then you’re probably looking for a workshop. I’ve run countless workshops for both public events and private clients. Read more about what that involves.

Want to see where I’m speaking next? Check out the list.

Upcoming Events

  1. Workshop

    White October, London (UK), September 2017
  2. Talk

    Paris Web, Paris (France), October 2017
  3. Talk

    CSS Dev Conf, New Orleans (US), October 2017
  4. Talk

    CSSConf Budapest, Budapest (Hungary), October 2017
  5. Talk & Workshop

    Pixel Pioneers, Belfast (Northern Ireland), November 2017
  6. Workshop

    Graaft, Manchester (United Kingdom), November 2017

Request to Speak

I would absolutely love to speak at your conference! However, I do just have a few questions to make the whole process a lot simpler and upfront for everyone involved. If you could fire me an email answering as many of the below as possible, I’d be really grateful. If you don’t have answers to everything just yet, please don’t worry—this is just a rough starting point, not a test. Please also remember that there is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions.

  • When and where is your conference? I once travelled 12,000 miles to give a talk; I’m not afraid of a commute.
  • How many attendees do you expect to have? Rough figures or previous sizes are perfectly fine.
  • What kind of audience do you have? It helps to know what the audience will be like (e.g. mainly front-end developers, mainly designers, etc.).
  • Which other speakers have you approached? It helps to be aware of any other speakers who run the risk of delivering similar talks.
  • How long does the talk need to be? Do you have a set talk duration? 45 minutes is usually ideal.
  • Do you cover speaker expenses? Flights, hotels, train journeys, etc.
  • What kind of talk would you like? I usually give technical talks (CSS architecture, performance, etc.), but am open to discussing other topics.
  • Do you require a brand new talk? Writing talks takes a lot of time and effort: forewarned is forearmed.
  • When can I start publicising your event? Do you want to keep the lineup quiet for a while, or can I add your event to my speaking list immediately?
  • Do you plan to compensate speakers? I usually charge a fee to speak, however its value is open to discussion for indie and non-profit events.

What’s in It for You?

I will help to promote and publicise your event. I will endeavour to make myself available to attendees for the entire duration of the event. I will attend all social activities surrounding the event. I will deliver a quality talk of practical relevance. I will gladly allow you to record and distribute my talk. I hold myself to a high standard.

Sound okay? Get in touch!

Past Events

  1. Talk

    CSS Minsk JS, Minsk (Belarus), September 2017
  2. Talk & Workshop

    Reasons to:, Brighton (UK), September 2017
  3. Talk

    Tinel Meetup, Split (Croatia), August 2017
  4. Talk

    SmashingConf, New York (US), June 2017
  5. Talk

    J and Beyond, Kraków (Poland), June 2017
  6. Workshop

    DEVit, Thessaloniki, (Greece) May 2017
  7. Talk

    infoShare, Gdańsk, (Poland) May 2017
  8. Talk

    WeAreDevelopers, Vienna (Austria), May 2017
  9. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), April 2017
  10. Talk

    Bulgaria Web Summit, Sofia, (Bulgaria) April 2017
  11. Workshop

    Xebia, Amsterdam, (Netherlands) March 2017
  12. Talk

    DublinCSS, Dublin, (Ireland) February 2017
  13. Talk

    IceWeb Conference, Reykjavik, (Iceland) January 2017
  14. Talk

    Design Exchange, Nottingham, (UK), January 2017
  15. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), November 2016
  16. Talk

    London CSS, London (England), November 2016
  17. Talk

    FrontMen Guru Sessions, Amsterdam (Netherlands), November 2016
  18. Talk & Workshop

    Topconf, Tallinn (Estonia), November 2016
  19. Talk & Workshop

    Beyond Tellerrand, Berlin (Germany), November 2016
  20. Talk

    Code4Life, Warsaw (Poland), October 2016
  21. Talk

    WDC, Bristol (England), October 2016
  22. Talk

    FrontEndNorth, Sheffield (England), September 2016
  23. Talk

    WebExpo, Prague (Czech Republic), September 2016
  24. Talk

    Shopify Webinar, Remote/Online, September 2016
  25. Talk

    MK Geek Night, Milton Keynes (England), September 2016
  26. Talk

    Frontend Conference, Zürich (Switzerland), September 2016
  27. Talk

    CSSconf Argentina, Buenos Aires (Argentina), August 2016
  28. Talk

    CSS Day, Amsterdam (Netherlands), June 2016
  29. Talk

    ScotlandCSS, Edinburgh (Scotland), June 2016
  30. Talk

    Front-end United, Ghent (Belgium), May 2016
  31. Talk

    Front-Trends, Warsaw (Poland), May 2016
  32. Workshop

    Topconf, Linz (Austria), May 2016
  33. Talk

    Hey!Stac, Leeds (England), April 2016
  34. Talk & Workshop

    Render, Oxford (England), April 2016
  35. Talk & Workshop

    SmashingConf, San Francisco (US), April 2016
  36. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), March 2016
  37. Talk & Workshop

    Webstock, Wellington (New Zealand), February 2016
  38. Talk

    Topconf, Linz (Austria), February 2016
  39. Workshop

    Work in the Web, Leeds (England), January 2016
  40. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), January 2016
  41. Talk

    Web Perf Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain), January 2016
  42. Talk

    Beyond, London (England), November 2015
  43. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), November 2015
  44. Workshop

    White October Events, London (England), September 2015
  45. Talk

    From The Front, Bologna (Italy), September 2015
  46. Talk

    SmashingConf, Freiburg (Germany), September 2015
  47. Workshop

    DotYork, York (England), April 2015
  48. Talk

    CSSConf, Melbourne (Australia), March 2015
  49. Talk

    Frontend.fi, Helsinki (Finland), March 2015
  50. Talk

    Reasons:London, London (England), February 2015
  51. Talk

    dotCSS, Paris (France), November 2014
  52. Talk

    DaFED, Novi Sad (Serbia), November 2014
  53. Talk

    Trondheim Developer Conference, Trondheim (Norway), October 2014
  54. Talk & Workshop

    SmartWeb Conference, Bucharest (Romania), September 2014
  55. Talk

    The Geek Gathering, Osijek (Croatia), May 2014
  56. Talk

    DotYork, York (England), May 2014
  57. Talk

    Industry Conf, Newcastle (England), April 2014
  58. Talk & Workshop

    Future of Web Design, London (England), April 2014
  59. Workshop

    Event Handler, London (England), March 2014
  60. Workshop

    Event Handler, London (England), February 2014
  61. Workshop

    Smashing Workshop, Zürich (Switzerland), December 2013
  62. Workshop

    Make Do, Leeds (England), November 2013
  63. Talk

    #TIDE, Scarborough (England), October 2013
  64. Talk & Workshop

    Fronteers, Amsterdam (Netherlands), October 2013
  65. Talk

    CSSconf.eu, Berlin (Germany), September 2013
  66. Talk

    Hey!Stac, Leeds (England), June 2013
  67. Talk

    Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf (Germany), May 2013
  68. Talk

    Industry Conf, Newcastle (England), April 2013
  69. Talk

    Digital Barn, Barnsley (England), September 2012
  70. Talk

    Canvas, Birmingham (England), September 2012
  71. Talk

    Front-Trends, Warsaw (Poland), April 2012
  72. Talk

    Digital Barn, Barnsley (England), February 2012

Hi there, I’m Harry. I am an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK. I write, tweet, speak and share code about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites. You can hire me.

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