Code Reviews and Audits

£1,920 (+VAT)

For clients who don’t yet need a full consultancy engagement, or an entire workshop, or maybe just need to learn what they need to fix next, there is an affordable, off-the-shelf solution that is perfect for you: a two-day remote audit.

Reviews and audits in three simple steps:

  1. I get access to your codebase and spend two days reviewing/auditing it.
  2. I provide you with a review document and supporting materials.
  3. We have a 90 minute Skype call to discuss the document and next steps.

As well as the core review document, you’ll be provided with any generated reports from any tools or automated tests, screencasts, refactored examples, and anything else that supports the audit.

The practical upshot of which is an improved codebase for the particular product, site, or app in question, but also—and more importantly—a formal document based around your own code which would prevent you making the same mistakes in future. A tailored lesson, centred around your own work. For a more detailed overview of the service, please read the associated blog post. If you have any questions about code reviews then please feel free to email me.

N.B.: Audits and reviews are tailored to your specific project or problem: I will survey you before we start and find out if there are particular areas you’d like me to focus on more than others. It might be an off-the-shelf solution, but it still needs to provide individual value.

Code review clients include: the BBC, Hired, UEFA.

Performance Audits

We sliced 1.5s off PhotoSugar’s page load times using Harry’s knowledge.

Darius Contractor, PhotoSugar

If your site seems slow, or you know your performance could be improved, you probably want to find out how and why. During the performance audit I’ll:

  • identify any quick wins;
  • uncover any performance bottlenecks;
  • highlight good work that needs maintaining;
  • create and explain reports and insights;
  • improve network and runtime performance;
  • describe how new approaches and technologies can help;
  • provide action points for designers, developers, engineers, and Ops teams;
  • recommend tooling and monitoring;
  • a whole bunch more.

This will leave you well poised to begin implementing performance improvements across the entire stack, and faster sites mean more conversions, better retention, reduced costs, and happier users.

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Code Reviews

Harry’s focused, practical approach allowed us to implement significant changes which improved our user experience and overall performance dramatically. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Rich Fogarty, Concrete Playground

This service is perfect for projects whose budget typically would not stretch to getting me on-site for a number of days, but do require the same type and quality of input.

A remote code review allows me to assess and audit the CSS that powers your project. In it, I will:

  • spot any anti-patterns or code smells;
  • identify bottlenecks that may prevent scalability;
  • provide refactored examples;
  • uncover any performance issues;
  • assess architectural oversights or concerns;
  • make recommendations around naming conventions;
  • review anything else you feel needs particular focus.

This will leave your team in a good place to begin tackling any tech debt, as well as opening up the codebase to be further extended and developed upon.

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Hi there, I’m Harry. I am an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK. I write, tweet, speak and share code about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites. You can hire me.

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