Downloads and Resources

Periodically, I’ll make resources and assets available for download. These are usually extensive workshop slide-decks that can be viewed out of context.

N.B. If you download any of the below and then go on to hire me, be sure to mention your license key and I will deduct the cost of your download(s) from your final invoice.

Trade Secrets: Secret Performance Tools (and How to Use ’Em)

A half-day workshop all about secret and well-hidden performance tools.

Front-End Performance: Building Faster Websites

A mega-deck that goes with my full-day front-end performance workshop.

Hi there, I’m Harry. I am an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK. I write, tweet, speak and share code about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites. You can hire me.

I am currently accepting new projects for Q1–2 2020


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  • ITCSS – coming soon…
  • CSS Guidelines

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    ViennaJS, Vienna (Austria), March 2020

I am available for hire to consult, advise, and develop with passionate product teams across the globe.

I specialise in large, product-based projects where performance, scalability, and maintainability are paramount.