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What Is Site-Speed?

And Why Should I Care?

Site-speed, also known as web-performance or page-speed, is a broad term that deals with how fast your customers think your website is.

Although it encompasses many technical considerations—from servers and infrastructure to network speeds and user devices—the ultimate goal is to make sure that your website provides a fast and reliable experience for your visitors, regardless of their situation.

Generally speaking, the faster a user’s experience is, the happier they will be. This is crucial on the web where people are fickle and exhibit short attention spans. Site-speed could be the difference between missing and making a sale.

Why Fast Matters

There are many, many reasons to care about site-speed. The most important ones start with the customer: users prefer faster experiences. It’s as simple as that. Their appreciation manifests itself in different ways—they spend more money, they’re far more engaged, and they’re generally happier and more impressed by your website.

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