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CSS Wizardry build-along #1

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  1. Follow along

Okay, so here we are, about to kick off the build-along. Make sure you are following me on Twitter at around 7pm UK time on the 4 November as I’m hoping to start the build-along around then. Thanks to Levi Flair for his PSD.

Thanks to everyone who sent a design in! I feel bad that I can’t do them all because the quality was really high. Sorry if I didn’t pick you, a lot more went into the decision than just looks; I needed to consider time-frames, aesthetics, complexity and suitability to the build-along format.

Follow along

Live code
You can watch the actual build take shape by periodically refreshing this page.
I’m actually going to be recording my screen throughout the whole thing, code, Spotify, Twitter, you’ll see it all. I’ll be putting this online a few days after (I won’t be doing a live screen-cast).
I’m going to commit build milestones to a GitHub repo periodically so you can see each major step of the build as it happens.
Follow me and keep an eye on the #buildAlong hashtag (please also use this for anything you Tweet about the event).

Feel free to Tweet at me whilst I’m working. This should be fun!

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