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Back in February 2018, Scott Sullivan, Partnerships Team Lead at Skillshare, sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on an official ITCSS video course in conjunction with them.

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The email was extremely well timed. ITCSS is a mature and very successful piece of work of which I am very proud, but with my recent move to focussing more on front-end performance, I was keen to set ITCSS a little more free: I wanted to liberate the content and make it more widely and cheaply available.

I’d always been pretty closed-source with ITCSS as it was a large part of my billable client work. This is exactly why documentation around ITCSS is so hard to find—there’s an empty website and a handful of (remarkably thorough!) blog posts out there with which developers can piece together the concepts themselves, but ITCSS had always been reserved for clients and workshop attendees.

Now felt like the right time to set ITCSS free, and Skillshare felt like the right people to do it with: from the way Scott conducted himself from the very start, to the incredibly creator-friendly terms of their contract, to the way Alex ran filming on the day, I felt like this was the best partnership ITCSS and I could have.

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Together, we produced a 40-minute class that introduces the problems of CSS at scale, and how ITCSS begins to formally solve them. Using my referral link, you can get access to two months of Premium Skillshare:

For more advanced ITCSS implementation, you can always hire me, or if there’s enough interest in an Advanced ITCSS class, let us know…

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