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Speak the Web, for those unaware, is a fantastic series of micro-conferences hosted at night in various cities across the north of England. It is an ambitious and exciting endeavour carried out through the month of July and co-organised by my friend and all-round nice chap Dan Donald.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of the three events so far (Manchester and Nottingham) and have seen some great talks and met some lovely people, and there are still two events left. Firstly there is the Leeds event on July 23, at which my friend and absolute star Rachel Andrew will be speaking, and then there’s the Liverpool event on July 24 at which I will be speaking!

The events are kept relatively small for a nice intimate feel, and are also incredibly affordable at only £17.50 a ticket. And, if that’s not already cheap enough, there is also a 25%-off promo code you can use to get entry even cheaper. That code is simply csswizardry.

So, if you’re free on the 23rd or 24th of July—and can make it to Leeds or Liverpool respectively—then grab yourself a ticket before they’re all gone!

See you there!

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