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It seems that tech events in Leeds—where I live—are like buses; you wait ages for one and then two show up at once! These are:

Both are to be held on 23 July, 2013, which means people can only make one or the other. I will be attending Hey!Stac as it’s run by a good friend of mine, Josh Nesbitt, and I was down to attend that one first. This means that there will be a whole host of people at Speak the Web the very same evening that I won’t get to meet up with, and I love meeting up with people.

As such, I’ve booked the whole of the 23rd and 24th off work in order to have a couple of free days hanging out in Leeds. I have Chad Tomkiss—who is speaking at Hey!Stac—staying with me a couple of nights, and in the days we are free just to hang out in Leeds doing whatever. So…

  1. If you’re attending either event and are about and fancy meeting up at any point during either day for beer/coffee/food/whatever then just let me know. I’ve made sure I’ll be about all day both days in the hope of getting to meet some new folk.
  2. After both events are done, groups from each could congregate in town and hit some nice bars.

I know all the decent places, just ask Ashley!

So yeah, long shot, but if anyone is about and fancies meeting up either during the day(s) or after the events, lemme know!


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