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When I redesigned CSS Wizardry at the end of last year I ported it from WordPress to Jekyll, and so far, so good.

One of the things I was very aware of, though, was that Jekyll had no way of supporting comments, where WordPress is built with commenting in mind. As such, I had to drop commenting from CSS Wizardry, with a view to potentially reinstating it at a later date.

I’ve decided to give something totally new a whirl; I’m going to see how Branch fares for discussing articles I write from here on out. Old comment data is, unfortunately, gone (I still have a copy of it, but it won’t appear on this version of CSS Wizardry), but any new discussions will now take place on Branch.

When I launched this new, non-WordPress version of CSS Wizardry, I wrote a post explaining how:

  1. I wanted to be a little more selfish and experimental with the site, allowing me to try out a few new things that you can’t normally do in day-to-day client work.
  2. My MVP was purely somewhere to write and share articles for people to read; a content repository that was also my playground.

This move to Branch satisfies both of those criteria in that I get to tinker about with my site and try new options (within reason, naturally) and you guys can still access any content, with discussions being an ‘optional extra’.

I hope it works out; Branch looks lovely and is the kind of thing I feel would foster more discussion than a simple comment thread might. It’d be cool to start more of a debate, rather than a linear, to-and-fro commenting system. Let’s see!

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