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A new year, a new CSS Wizardry

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  1. Update

Well, kind of… With the advent of 2011 a few things have changed at CSS Wizardry.

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First up, I decided to give it a slight redesign (or rather a realign). There are certain things I love about CSS Wizardry which haven’t changed in about two years. The colours, the type, the minimalism and the content. There were also some things I hated.

The logo sitting top left, fixed all the way up there. Looked okay at 1024px, but not any bigger. It just looked so detached. I changed that to be more like my Twitter avatar etc. I also built it in markup as opposed to an image–check it out.

The nav. Before it was just, well, there. It was a lot like the logo, it didn’t seem to belong anywhere. I brought that and the logo in line with one another and gave the entire header a left aligned, fixed feel. I think that brings things a lot tighter and far neater.

Lastly in design news was the sidebar. Jesus that thing was ugly. It was so horrible it ws illegal in 17 countries. That thing is gone, replaced with some text and some links and…

Yep, another announcement is that the guys at got in touch and asked if I’d like to be part of their new network. I said yes!

Lastly, and the most exciting for me, Vitaly (owner of Smashing Magazine) got in touch and asked if id like to join their Experts Panel. Needless to say I said yes.

Anyway, that’s the new CSS Wizardry. If you spot any bugs etc, please do drop me a tweet. Happy 2011!


I heard peoples’ feedback about comment-author info laying over the header (logo and nav) and I listened.

I enlisted the help of friend, colleague and genius Dan Bentley who came up with some nice JS for me. Give him a follow if you’re interested in PHP, or MySQL, or Ruby, or iOS dev, or Javascript dev… Well, just anything programming/scripting/dev related.

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