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Hi there, I’m Harry; I am a Consultant Front-end Architect, writer, and speaker from the UK. I am available for work from the beginning of 2014.

On stage at beyond tellerrand. Photo by Stefan Nitzsche.

Previously a Senior Developer at BSkyB—and having worked with clients including the BBC, the NHS, Booking.com, and the Financial Times—I specialise in architecting, writing, and scaling CSS for large sites, apps, and products in large-team environments.

I write, work, speak, and run workshops across the globe covering pragmatic, product-led approaches to building and scaling large front-ends for long-running projects and products. I specialise in OOCSS, architecture, scalability, front-end performance, and mobile and responsive web design and development.

I’ve got a crush on Harry Roberts…

Andrew Clarke

I am a two-time net Awards finalist, a member of Smashing Magazine’s Experts Panel, co-author of a book on new approaches to web development, and lead and sole developer of the increasingly popular, open-source, OOCSS framework inuitcss. For a more comprehensive overview, please see my CV.

Most importantly, I am available for hire to help people build great products. Workshops, consultancy, training, advice, development, and more are all available to clients of all shapes and sizes, all over the world:

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Twitter: @csswizardry
For informal, quick contact and questions, feel free to fire me a Tweet!
Email: harry@csswizardry.com
For longer enquiries and questions, send me an email.
Skype: csswizardry
If you would like to add me on Skype, please be sure to include a detailed introduction and message with your request; this will help me quickly identify who is getting in touch and means I am more likely to accept.

I am open to interesting and fun consulting gigs, short-term contracts, workshops and any exciting projects working with nice people starting in 2014. If you think you have something we can work together on then get in touch.

Hi there, I’m Harry. I am a Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK; I am available for work. I write, tweet, speak and share code about authoring and scaling CSS for big websites.