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I’m really excited to announce a new partnering with London-based events company White October Events. The aim is to be able to offer semi-frequent public workshops.

Whereas the majority of my workshops are for private clients—who need tailored advice and training around their particular product—there is undoubtedly a huge market for individuals from companies to be able to learn similar techniques in a more generalised and high-level manner.

I’m really looking forward to being able to offer these kinds of workshop through White October Events—a company with a great reputation and demonstrable experience running tech events.

The first two events are scheduled for 25 September, 2015 and 20 November, 2015 both in London, UK. Topics will include

  • how to assess, normalise, and rationalise designs;
  • how to split designs up into discrete objects, abstractions and components;
  • naming conventions and general advice for naming things;
  • the ITCSS architecture for managing CSS projects;
  • how to effectively manage layout;
  • theming and skinning;
  • how to use Sass to tie things together;
  • and anything more you think of on the day!


There are a handful of places left on the 25 September workshop.

There are a few places available on the 20 November workshop.

See you there!

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