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I’m absolutely thrilled, humbled and delighted to announce that I’ve been nominated for .net’s Young Developer of the Year award, 2013!

I do feel a bit of a fraud in that I’ve been doing this internet thing for ages now – and because most people think I’m around 27 – but sure enough, enough people (you guys!) put my name forward for the category that I’m into the official 12! I’m up against some real talent as well, which I think says a lot about the quality of the industry’s young devs.

The next stage is the public (you guys again!) vote. You can cast votes for who you believe deserves to make the final three; the final three then go onto a judged decision ‘behind closed doors’.

This post is, predictably, me trying to garner support from you lot. If you…

  • …have ever read and enjoyed any of my posts here on CSS Wizardry
  • …used any of my open source stuff in your work
  • …received any advice or help from me via email or on Twitter
  • …enjoyed and/or learned anything from any of my talks
  • …benefitted in any way, shape, or form from anything I’ve done in the web development world

…then I would be super grateful for any support. You can cast your vote at

Thanks so much!

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