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Today I was absolutely thrilled and humbled to learn I’d been nominated for a .net magazine award in the category Brilliant Newcomer.

I’m also alongside some absolutely stellar names such as Lea Verou and Nicolas Gallagher, which makes it all the more of an honour.

A lot of you may have been following CSS Wizardry for quite some time now so the word ‘newcomer’ might seem a little odd, but it’s probably because over the last year or so that CSS Wizardry really has gone from strength to strength. This is thanks in no small part to you, my readers and followers, and Smashing Mag, who’ve really helped CSS Wizardry’s standing in the scene loads with their regular tweets and features.

So, massive thanks for nominating me. I’m really humbled that, out of all our industry, I’m regarded so highly!

Lastly–and somewhat predictably–if I, CSS Wizardry or any of my tutorials, articles, Tweets or resources have been of any use to you at all I’d be really grateful for and appreciative of a vote.

Cheers, H

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