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  1. Join in

Chris Shiflett has started something pretty cool–the Ideas of March movement.

I tend to write quite a lot, but I Tweet a lot more. I love my blog, but sometimes I do, I’ll admit, get lazy.

I’ve been on Twitter two years tomorrow (expect a post) but this is why I love blogging:

  • Blogs expand on important ideas, on Twitter the message takes a back seat to the medium.

  • Blogs give context, a Tweet out of context is a dangerous thing!

  • You can meter response/popularity of a blog post better than a Tweet.

  • Blogs are (more) permanent, tweets get buried/lost pretty quickly.

  • Feedback is admittedly slower with a blog, but more in-depth.

  • Blogs are editable, updatable and collaborative. Tweets are deleted or superseded, blog posts are updated and discussed.

  • A blog is your space, you share Twitter with people like Charlie Sheen…

  • Tweets are disposable, a good blog post takes time, effort and craft.

  • With a blog you can concentrate on how good your message is, on Twitter you just concentrate on getting it said in 140 characters.

Twitter is an excellent medium, and one to which I owe a lot, but for me Twitter supports this blog. If you write, join #ideasofmarch and let’s start a blog revival.

Join in

Join in, it’s simple!

  • Write a post called Ideas of March.

  • List some of the reasons you like blogs.

  • Pledge to blog more the rest of the month.

  • Share your thoughts on Twitter with the #ideasofmarch hashtag.

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