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Scrolling overflowed content in iOS

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This is just a mini-post courtesy of my ‘brother-in-law’ Nick Haworth who showed me this. It’s all about scrolling overflowed content in fixed width/height containers in iOS.

This article was actually brought about by seeing this, the iScroll project, which states:

“The overflow:scroll for mobile webkit. Project started because webkit for iPhone does not provide a native way to scroll content inside a fixed size (width/height) div…”

Well guess what, it does!

Head to my article Let it snow! on an iOS device and head to the first block of code. Take two fingers (as opposed to the usual one) and scroll horizontally. See that? Pretty cool, huh?

Apologies if you already knew that, but everyone I’ve spoken to had no idea about it.

Cheers, Nick!

Please note, this article is not calling into question iScroll or any of its code, it was simply that one quote that reminded me of this useful iOS feature.

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