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I have learned so much in terms of OOCSS and other things from Harry… He’s brilliant… I’d hire him tomorrow.

Andrew Clarke

Jan 2016–Jun 2016Jul 2016–Dec 2016

I am currently considering new projects for Q3–4, 2016.

N.B. I operate a referral scheme.

I work with tech teams to build great products…

Want me to come and work in your office for a week? 
Sounds like fun! 
Starting an unusually large project? 
Let me help you get started! 
Want me to come and run a workshop for your team? 
I’ll bring the doughnuts!

Hi, I’m Harry. I specialise in writing, architecting and scaling CSS for big websites in big teams. With a strong focus on performance, pragmatism, agile, and robust development, I build front-ends that will scale and that will last. Learn more about me and this (ad)venture, or take a look at my CV.

We’re great fans of Harry at FT Labs, his work has had a lot of influence over the CSS architecture of the Financial Times web app.

Andrew Betts, Director, FT Labs

Currently, I am open to anything and everything. This venture, for me, is about variety, meeting new and interesting people, having fun, working on quality products, and gaining new experiences. Regardless of your budget, requirements, or location, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out. It’ll be cool.

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Improve Your Product and Learn

Code Reviews

Unsure if you’re headed in the right direction? Have a mature project that you’re struggling to scale? Interested to know how you and your team can improve your work? Just want to become a better developer? A remote CSS code review could be exactly what you need.

We sliced 1.5s off PhotoSugar’s page load times using Harry’s knowledge.

Darius Contractor, PhotoSugar

A quick-turnaround, off-the-shelf, affordable service I offer is remote CSS code reviews. The review covers things like syntax and formatting, efficiency, architecture, sanity, architectural/scalability concerns and a lot, lot more.

How it works:

  1. You give me access to your codebase.
  2. I take a day to assess, evaluate and review the CSS.
  3. The next day, I return a comprehensive review document along with suggestions, improvements and refactored examples.
  4. Once you’ve digested the feedback, we arrange a 90 minute Skype call to discuss the review and answer any questions you may have.

The practical upshot of which is an improved codebase for the particular product, site or app in question, but also—and more importantly—a formal document based around your own code which would prevent you making the same mistakes in future. A tailored lesson, centred around your own work. For a more detailed overview of the service, please read the associated blog post. If you have any questions about code reviews then please feel free to email me.

This service is perfect for projects whose budget typically would not stretch to getting me on-site for a number of days, but do require the same type and quality of input.

More people need to benefit from what he has to offer.

Rob Farnell, Lead Creative Designer, BSkyB


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Terms and conditions apply.

Speaking, Workshops, and Training

Speaking and Workshops

I speak internationally at design and development conferences, usually on the subjects of front-end development, large-scale CSS and its architecture and scalability, front-end performance, pragmatic approaches to building products, and more.

If you would like me to speak at your conference, please read my speaker’s questions before getting in touch.

[Harry] changed the way I’ll be writing CSS from now on. Excellent workshop and talk at #fronteers13

Roel N

I also run workshops covering similar topics. I am available for workshops held at public events, or privately—at your offices—with your company or team. To see a list of my previous and upcoming engagements, please see my speaking page.

Harry was such a gent yesterday. Love doing events with that guy.

Kimb Jones, Director, Make-Do

So glad I did [Harry’s] workshop [on] Wednesday. An entire day of this, be jealous! And highly recommended. #fronteers13

Peter van Grieken

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Nice Things People Have Said About Me


I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great people over the years, and some of them have said some really nice things about me:

Workshop/consultancy client

Harry’s tailored workshop was nothing short of fantastic, and a real eye-opener, helping our team level up their scalable CSS architecture skills. The entire team left it learning something new, and to say that what was covered will have a large impact on our work is an understatement. We can’t recommend him enough.

Addy Osmani, Google

Workshop/consultancy client

Harry helped us answer some of our hardest CSS questions: how to organise a framework that doesn’t go against the way CSS works; how divide an interface into tiny, easily combinable pieces. He helped us adopt a more minimal approach to our CSS and taught us how to organise our framework so we have more flexibility with a fraction of the code.

The CSS we are writing after Harry’s visit is the best I’ve ever had a chance to work with, and he gave us clear criteria for making all the hard decisions that have consequences down the line. Now, thanks to Harry, we make quicker decisions, fully understand their potential repercussions, and code much smaller and markedly faster. We finally feel like we have our framework firmly under control.

The thing that surprised me about Harry is how humble he is despite his vast experience. Don’t invite him for a one day speaking gig; bring him in for a week and work together. One week will change the way you code forever!

Andrés Díez, Product Designer, Better Collective

Workshop/consultancy client

We worked with Harry for one incredible week, in which we created a complete tailor-made CSS framework [and UI Toolkit] from scratch. Pretty impressive, especially considering that we were only three people strong: Harry, a Product Designer, and a Product Manager. Harry was the driving force behind the architecture, and for every question we asked he had well-thought out answer. We managed to make decisions very quickly, which enabled us to move extremely fast toward actual implementation, and all without sacrificing quality in any way at all.

Working with Harry made us confident that what we are building will last, and will be a pleasure for us to work with, and for the next person joining the project.

Alette Holmberg, Product Manager, Better Collective

Workshop client

We loved having Harry at Kickstarter! His CSS workshop was tremendously helpful in getting our design team ready for our own CSS overhaul, and his visit left us with some much needed guidance and motivation. He’s a great communicator with great ideas, and he really knows how to get a team on the same page.

Christine Tadler, CSS Architect, Kickstarter

Workshop client

We invited Harry to Brașov to consult with us on the rewrite of the company’s eight-year-old legacy codebase onto a new, Sass-based, responsive architecture. Harry’s amazing ability to design simple core structures, integrate all the details in a very logical fashion, and provide theoretical reasoning and a hands-on approach make him a very complete professional. His extensive knowledge, experience, and excitement for things well-done were the ingredients to a very successful collaboration. At the end of a very intensive three-day workshop, we have definitely gained the tools, confidence, and motivation we needed in order to complete this challenge successfully! If it hadn’t been for his help, we probably would’ve wasted weeks doing research and trying out different solutions.

Ioana Zamfir, Front-end Development Manager, Gabriels

Workshop/consultancy client

Thanks for a really great workshop yesterday. I’ve had feedback from the team and they all really enjoyed the day and it’s inspired them to improve our processes and generally make things better! […] Thanks for all your efforts; the format of the workshop was perfect.

Edward Chen

Workshop/consultancy client

I learned more about CSS architecture in my three-day workshop with Harry than I did in the 10 years before. I got my money’s worth many times over.

Markus Klug

Workshop/consultancy client

I asked Harry to come in and run a workshop with my front-end developers after a recent redesign. He provided lots of valuable insights, suggestions, and support, all tailored specifically to our products. It was a pleasure to have him join us for the day.

Nik White, Design Director, Madgex

Consultancy client

We hired Harry for a day to help us plan the front-end of a large project. In an intense, eight-hour session, we discussed many of the fundamental challenges ahead, which enabled us to put some processes in place to assist with the build process. We had a very tight deadline and I can honestly say that, with this direction, development has gone significantly more smoothly than it would have.

Matt Saunders, Web Developer, Zeal Media


Lightning fast—with incredible passion and ability that I haven’t experienced with anyone else—Harry has great dialogue with design teams, is firm in his front-end beliefs, and challenges design decisions that will impact the performance of large, highly trafficked sites. However, he is often willing to compromise, delivering that extra bit that designers always look for, and, ultimately, he contributes to fantastic products.

Rob Farnell, Lead Creative Designer, BSkyB


Harry is acutely aware of the performance implications of what we do and is always keen to improve the speed of the things we’re working on. He’s great at rationalising and pushing back on design requirements that could adversely effect performance and working out better and faster ways of achieving the same result.

Dan Rathbone, Lead Performance Engineer, BSkyB

If you’d like to be able to say nice things about me, let’s work together on some stuff!